Smart City Information Systems

The Digital Municipality System Project, which is an important pillar of e-Government, is a computer software that enables municipalities to provide services over the internet and enables business processes in the municipality to take place in a computer environment.

With the Municipality Automation application offered to municipalities as web-based as İNOVERA Software, the functionality of municipalities will increase with accelerated business processes, user-friendly interface designs, expandable and dynamic modular structure, access to data from anywhere and querying all recorded information. All processes of municipal services will be carried out faster, safer and error-free with fully automatic modules containing the provisions of the legal legislation. A transparent municipality will be provided for the citizens, where the citizens can perform the transactions they may need regarding municipal services in an interactive way over the internet.

Systems developed in this Project;

Organization Management System

Personel Information System

Address Information System

Numbering System

Project Tracking and Business Process Management System

Information / Request / Complaint System

Material Management Information System (Movable)

Asset Management Information System (Immovable)